Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Just a Lyrical Lie

I wanna do a care package. Buuut I don't have his address. So there goes that idea. Oops. Seems to me that that's something that he should have given me. This blogpost is gonna be a vent of sorts. It's my impatience to be honest. And trust me my impatience is reaching its limits.
Okay. Don't judge me or hate me for this post, but I'm beginning to wonder if Mr. still wants to get married. I've thought and thought agbout this, and I just can't seem to understand what he wants from me anymore. I talked to his brother about this and he told me this.
MJ-Do you think Mr and I will really get married
MJ-Why though
Bro-Because my brother loves you just as much as he loves me and thats close to impossible he doesnt even love mom that much

So is that the answer to all of my doubts? Words of wisdom from a brother? I just don't know what to do anymore. I hear all the time about other Marines just randomly getting married at the drop of a hat and he won't even tell me a YEAR. Maybe we're too young for this right now. Maybe people are right.

Or maybe (most likely) I'm thinking too hard about this right now and need to pay attention to my math teacher. Help?

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