Sunday, August 15, 2010

"...And it's been a while.."

So I love that song. Who am I kiddin, I just love Staind period! But that's not the point of this post lol.

Sooo...ready for another installment of today at work? This one just blows my mine, well really it was yesterday at work but I'm just now posting it.

This man totally made me cry at work yesterday. Yeah, I know. He was just so rude and mean, and he made me soo mad! Okay, so he walks in, comes to my register and says
"Are you serving breakfast or lunch?"
MJ "Sir hold on a moment. *callls back and asks if we have any breakfast left incase he wants some*
"That's NOT what I was asking you. Are you on breakfast or lunch?"
MJ "Sir we're on lunch, but breakfast just ended and I was checking to see if we had any left incase you wanted some."
"Well, that's NOT THE ANSWER THAT I WANTED. I was looking for ^No sir we are on lunch^"
MJ"Sir I'm sorry, I was just trying to..."
"I was lookng for which menu you are on. I didn't ask you to call back for me. I just wanted to know if you were on lunch."
MJ visibly upset at this point "Kim (manager) will you take this man's order?" And he proceeds to walk out.
And I walked away with tears in my eyes. I was just so embarassed! I mean, really I cried at work, and over something that stupid! It's not like I haven't had my fair share of rude customers, but yesterday I just let it get to me for some reason. It didn't help though that when I walked away I started to want to text Mister and then realized that I couldn't do that for 25 more days. Just his response to that would have made me smile "I'll kill him." Really, that's all it would have said.

So now there's 24 days left, I've made it almost a week, WE've made it almost a week. I miss him so much, and I worry too, I mean, he's in a desert, where it's in the 100s all the time. And he's got all his gear on, and his knee hurts him and ugh I'm gonna make myself crazy. I keep going through our texts (does anybody else save the really sweet ones?) and they always make me smile. I love him so much!


  1. I can't believe a customer would be so rude! Where are people's manners?

  2. I still have a voice mail from hubs that i listened to while he was gone!

  3. Ugh, I can't believe he was so rude!! Yay for a week done now! That's great. Just keep busy and it will go by faster. I always save the sweet texts and I read them over and over!

  4. Awh! I hated my job! 2 rude people came in within 2 weeks, and I had to quit! I can't handle things like that! How rude! People don't understand that we're just trying to help!

    But yessss! I used to save sweet texts, until I stopped getting them. :P hahahaha.

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