Tuesday, December 1, 2009

omgeez so much has happened lately...i dont even know where to start!!!! Okay, well lets start with the fact that me and my ex from freshman year are dating again...awesomeness right? It's like a good but then a bad thing at the same time...
Good: love him dearly and am seriously happy; he's amazing; i feel like i don't have to be anything i'm not with him; comfortable together because we dated for 9 months before; feels right after all the crap that happened between us, like a new new beginning!
Bad:He's in the Marines, and is leaving on Monday for training and will be gone for forever...but hey gotta get used to it right?
I know that I have GOT to get used to this, because its gonna be his life, and if I wanna be a part of it then I'd better suck it up and move on, you know? Plus when I do get to see him it'll be ten times better because we know that we only have a limited amount of time together so thats another good thing. omgeez...well thats my blogpost for this time, talk to you laters!


Yay! I love reading what you have to say :)