Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's on MJ's phone??

I've decided I'm a creeper. I can't stop looking at this picture in my phone. ( I know I already used it once for Wordlesss Wednesday but...oh well! lol) Its everywhere, from my background to contact picture for him. I'm so excited to have him here with me in only 11 days!!

I have this one friend named Kayla, she has a dark side, I think she wants me fat for a reason...

Me and Billy!!! *Hi Billy!!!* We were cleaning an elementar school for community service and foudn these glasses, I felt cool lol

My reason for laying out of school today!!! Would you wanna drive in that?

My responses to the ATT guy who kept knocking on our door...yes I am BA I know :) I also brought my 120lb dog inside...I am not ashamed!!!


  1. great pictures! how fun that he will be home soon! that's so exciting!

  2. So happy that you get your guy back before Christmas! That's awesome!

    I love the glasses!

    I would have stayed home too!

    I'm so glad that I'm not the ATT guy!

  3. Lol he was bein a creeper..I'm not judgemental but the third time my shirt is looked down I'm gettin the machete ya know?

  4. haha its ok to be a creeper >.>
    and I really want some of dat candy right now! lol

  5. what the crap is that last picture?? i'm so confused. are u holding a knife behind ur back? is that HIS back? help me out!!! i gotta know!

    see u next time!

  6. Kassi-Haha thanks, I love finding random things in classrooms...again I sound like a creeper

    Michelle- Haha I know, but you love me!! <3

    Estell-Haha yeah, she gave me all that and it was sooo yummy

    Mommy-Haha I try :)

    Hussy- Lol it was in my waistband...

  7. way to be ready for action with that last pic! haha
    so glad you get to have your lovey home!! ahh, deployments, the only good thing about them is the sweet return! ;)

  8. go get him gurl...the creeper..then your man.
    and love the shades!

  9. hahaha. I love you! :) hahaha. I never realize to look at your blog because I keep forgetting you changed the name of it! Stupid me!


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